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   Ripple Parish Council's response to the SWDP    November 14, 2011

Ripple Parish Council (RPC) has attended various consultations and public meetings regarding the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP).  We have given this matter much consideration and our response represents the views of our parishioners and the views of RPC.

In response to the SWDP, RPC makes the following points:

  • RPC would like to know what is the evidence for the requirement for housing – Social/Affordable/Other within Ripple Parish?


  • Ripple Parish is a Category 3 parish but as far as the SWDP is concerned (on the SWDP website/paperwork) Ripple Parish has been categorised under Upton upon Severn which is a Category 1 area.  Ripple Parish facilities or lack of them, determine our Category 3 status.  We should therefore not be linked with Upton upon Severn in anyway in this context.      


  • RPC wishes to know the definition of” Windfall” Housing.


  • RPC, in common with most consultees, rejects the current plan with its “Top Down Big Bang” approach.  To propose 50 properties in a Category 3 parish, which is made up of 6 small communities with approximately 650 properties is a single area – around Ryall Road is disproportionate.


  • Malvern Hills District Council/RPC convened a meeting on 19th September 2011 which was attended by more than 120 residents of Ripple Parish who unanimously rejected the proposal for 50 properties in Ryall Road.  The reasons for objections on this site proposal are as follows:-
  • Disproportionate in one area
  • Insufficient road infrastructure
  • Lack of sustainability
  • Sewerage facilities are already at full capacity
  • Ryall Road has already be subject to many years of debate on inappropriate use of this road as a “cut through” link to the A38 from the A4104.
  • No infrastructure to support this housing and no evidence of future employment opportunities
  • Flooding from surface water drainage issues at the Holly Grove end of Ryall Road.
  • Throughout the parish there are already housing stock available for rent/purchase which have not been occupied for long periods of time.


In order to be constructive, RPC propose alternatives, should the need for additional housing in Ripple Parish be demonstrated; as follows;

  • Consider the change of status of holiday accommodation under the approved Upton Marina development to part residential
  • Re-address the Upton Tunnel Hill sites in Upton upon Severn (Category 1 area) as possible sites for Upton upon Severn thus removing Ripple Parish from this category 1 status.
  • Small scale developments (of upto 5 properties/infill) at existing proposed sites within Ripple Parish communities.

8 November 2011

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